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The company consists of two creative and equal minds: Dr. Michael Flintrop, lawyer, film scholar and festival operator and Roni Demiray.

Dr. Michael Flintrop - Fenomena Filmproduction
Dr. Michael Flintrop

Born and raised on the Lower Rhine, he has been working as a lawyer for over 25 years and here as a criminal defence lawyer. During his studies in Regensburg, he wrote cinema reviews for 20 years before doing his doctorate at University of Göttingen in 2008 about american Action Cops.

Since 2012 operator and organizer of the Cineways International Film Festival Wolfsburg, which has already had international guests such as John Badham, Hugh Hudson, Mark L. Lester or Bruce Beresford. With the production of documentaries about successful filmmakers, he realizes his lifelong dream of being able to analyze their work up close.

Roni Demiray - Fenomena Filmproduction
Roni Demiray

Raised in Salzgitter, he is currently a student at the Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences and also works in insurance industry.

With his enthusiasm for film and his good sense of dealing with numbers, he is responsible for financial events in the company as an expert.


Lasse Ebbecke - Fenomena Filmproduction

Lasse Ebbecke

Born and raised in Braunschweig. He currently is a media student at University of Applied Sciences in Salzgitter and also works as a Video-and photographer.

With his creativity and great affinity for filming as well as taking photos he’s responsible for filming Fenomena’s documentaries.


We are a production company primarily specializing in documentaries, which has focused on documentaries about internationally successful directors and actors. Emerging from the idea of the Cineways International Film Festival to award meritorious people from the film business with a life achievement award, the first documentaries have been created since 2017, for example about the Bond-director John Glen.

In the meantime, we also produce feature films for cinema and television.